520 Ambassadors of Taste are waiting for you:

Immerse yourself in our NFT Collection and let yourself be seduced by each character, a spokesperson for global flavors.

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“Food Ape Society” is an exclusive collection of 520 food ape NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, created by combining artificial intelligence and manual photo composition in Photoshop. A smart contract ensures that there will never be more than 520 food apes. The apes are minted as ERC-721 tokens and their metadata is stored on IPFS. The collection stands out for its varied representation of global culinary cultures.

This series, composed of a rich variety of male, female, and baby ape characters, transforms each NFT into a true ambassador of the world’s unique flavors. Whether it involves isolated ingredients, representative dishes, traditional recipes, or local specialities, each digital work is a tribute to the gastronomic richness of different nations. The “Food Ape Society” invites art and gastronomy enthusiasts to explore, through the blockchain, the countless nuances of taste that characterize every corner of the planet, celebrating the union between technological innovation and a passion for food.

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In 2022, the whole adventure began with a fantastic invitation to join the Bored Ape Ladies Collective as a resident artist. This collective, an initiative led by Novocrypto following the launch of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, was founded with a commendable goal: to amplify female representation within the Bored Ape community and support NFT artists who are not holders of an original Bored Ape. It was there that I created the very first ‘food ape’, blending my love for taking pictures of food with a bit of digital art magic. Using Photoshop and After Effects, I was able to create something that resonated with wide audiences during various exhibitions from Rome to Dubai.

It didn’t take long before this piece became not only my avatar on social media but also a defining symbol of my identity in the art world. My first food ape, which was the first of its kind in the NFT space, blended food and digital art in a way that captured everyone’s attention. After seeing this piece at Palazzo Merulana in Rome, January 2021, a journalist wrote a beautiful article dubbing me the ‘Arcimboldo of today’. Seeing how much people appreciated that first monkey made me desire to do more. The outpouring of affection and admiration for this food monkey spurred the idea of transforming this concept into a complete collection.

Transitioning from that initial spark to a larger project wasn’t immediate. It took time, reflecting on the potential and understanding the best way to expand the scope of my work. This period of reflection and planning was crucial. It was the moment when the seed planted by the first artistic endeavor began to develop into something much broader and more significant. However, crafting each piece by hand was a massive undertaking, so I decided to team up with AI in the fall of 2023.

Creating with AI the style, recipe, exact ingredients, or emotion I had in mind for each artwork often involved hours of work. Some images were completed in just thirty minutes, while others required much more time. After the AI did its part, I spent at least another half-hour on Photoshop for each image, making adjustments and adding elements through compositing to perfect the images. The process of building the traits for these characters was incredibly intricate, involving weeks of meticulous work to select and arrange the right ones for each.

Now, this collection has grown into something significant. It’s no longer just food apes doing yoga. Each one is meticulously constructed from various food elements, representing dishes and cuisines from around the world.

Here’s what I aim to achieve with this project:

UNITE: Bringing together flavors from all cultures in a relaxed and meditative way.

REIMAGINE: Exploring new possibilities with AI art, aiming to create truly unique pieces.

ENGAGE: Promoting a conversation about the richness of diversity, the elegance of culinary art, and the relaxing practice of yoga through these visual allegories.

PRESERVE: Creating a lasting digital legacy that celebrates the intersection of food, tradition, and mindful living.

The Food Ape Society is more than just an NFT collection; it’s a window into a place where food meets peace, showcasing how diverse and amazing the world is, all through the power of art. It’s an invitation for everyone to explore this blend of flavors, cultures, and relaxation.

As soon as we have the whitelists and more details about the minting process, we will update this page. Follow us here, on Discord, and Twitter to stay updated.

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