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Professional Food Photography

I create culinary photography, and share stories that inspire people to cook and eat.

I use my creativity and technical skills to beautifully capture food’s essence and tell captivating stories. In culinary photography, I strive to transform each dish into an experience, elevating its elegance and vibrancy. My professional food photography aims to reveal the story behind every creation, not just its visual appeal. I believe food is a potent connector and shareable art, and I take pride in using my photos to offer fresh, engaging food experiences. Each snapshot in my culinary photography invites viewers to explore the rich language of flavors and starts meaningful conversations.

The foundations of my business are structured around four distinct aspects:

Narrating brands through Images

I transform brand stories into engaging visuals. My visual storytelling highlights the uniqueness of each company, creating emotional connections with the audience.

Creation of Fine Art Prints

Within my artistic proposal, I invite you to explore a wide range of creations that span from photography to digital art and painting. In this section, you will find traditional art prints skillfully captured to bring life to tangible works destined to endure over time.

NFT Creation

Through a journey that connects the real to the digital, the NFT section offers the opportunity to admire the same artistic creations in a unique digital format. These tokens, based on blockchain technology, add an additional dimension to art, allowing for the collection and appreciation of unique works in an unprecedented digital context.

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Gelato Fatto In Casa di Corina Daniela Obertas Professional Food photography


Do you want your products to attract potential customers and stand out from the crowd?

My main goal is to increase the perception of the value of your product!

I work together with a team of creatives to be able to offer a set of services of the highest quality.