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My name is Corina Daniela Obertas. I was born and raised in Romania, on the Black Sea Coast and moved to Italy in 2003. I inherited the passion for photography from my father. I have learned to study light since I was 10 years old, behind the lens of a Leica M3 camera, spending hours in the darkroom. From my father I also inherited the passion for food, animals, and nature, letting myself be enchanted by beauty and silence.

I took the courses of the Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest and received a 5-year degree in accounting and business management. After university I managed my real estate agency for several years but the great passion for photography and digital arts became stronger with the passage of time. I followed many live and online courses and specializations, mainly for food / commercial photography (Karl Taylor Education school and Photigy) transforming my passion into lifestyle and profession. In 2020 I followed Seeing Through Photographs course organized by Coursera and some courses of MoMA art museum in New York City.

I love to experiment and create. Creativity is what makes me happy. In addition to food and cats!  I firmly believe in the transformative power of photography and its ability to simplify communications. Like an experience which causes a shift in a viewpoint. I love to tell stories using the light.

I work as independent food photographer in Rome, Italy. My work was awarded with the first and second place to a national photographic contest and I also participated to several exhibitions in Rome. I develop my digital art and video skills. I am tireless, very malleable and put my soul into everything I do, being able to turn briefs into beautiful photos. In any situation I do my best to find the perfect solution for you.

Have a question, an idea for an upcoming post, or an advertising inquiry? I’d LOVE to hear from you! Check out this page to contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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