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In this collection, food takes on a symbolic representation of life and its diverse facets. Each artwork embodies a surrealistic food portrait, embracing exaggeration, hyperbolicity, excessiveness, and superabundance – distinctive qualities of the grotesque style. These extraordinary beings, part human and part food, reveal the profound connection between our identities and the food we consume. They challenge the notion that “WE ARE WHAT WE EAT”, offering glimpses of how our choices can lead us down unexpected paths, occasionally blurring the lines between beauty and grotesqueness. Through these striking visuals, the collection invites viewers to explore the complex nature of existence, where various elements converge to shape our realities. The collection will feature 49 exclusive 1/1 pieces, along with the initial launch drop of a free edition limited to 100. As time progresses, additional pieces will be introduced until reaching a total of 50.

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