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My journey toward NFTs has been vast and complex, and I’m not sure I can reconstruct every detail. Due to my sporadic participation on Clubhouse and Twitter, I missed some noteworthy events. However, I intend to talk about my memories, even if they will not be exhaustive. It will serve as a testament to my experiences in the NFT space. It will serve as a testament to my experiences in the NFT space.

Also, I will start by recounting my first experiences in the community. First, I remember being impressed by the creativity of so many artists. Secondly, I remember having taken part in many engaging discussions. Third, I enjoyed exploring the various projects. At the same time, I am also aware of the negative side of the community. Despite this, I was motivated to continue taking part.


I knew about blockchain technology from its earliest stages thanks to my husband, who is a cybersecurity specialist. Nonetheless, even though he was one of the first to hear rumors about this revolutionary innovative technology and shared his thoughts with me, I was initially just fascinated by the concept of blockchain. Despite this, I did not delve into it directly. I preferred to watch and learn remotely, appreciating its potential impact on society and technology. I was aware of the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 and his creation, bitcoin.

During the winter of 2020, I started to get more interested in blockchain applications and started doing some research on my own to understand how it works and how it is used in different industries.

Just then, something unexpected happened: I was invited to join Clubhouse 1, the new audio-only social media platform that was booming around the world. Through Clubhouse, I had the opportunity to enter the exciting world of NFTs. It was a happy coincidence that opened an entire world of possibilities and connections for me, for which I am grateful.



When I received the invitation to Clubhouse, I was intrigued but also hesitant. I had heard about this new audio-based social media platform, but I did not know what to expect. I had never been part of an entirely audio-based social media platform, so I wondered how I would adapt.

However, despite my hesitations, I decided to give Clubhouse a chance. I was excited to connect with others in new and innovative ways and at the same time intrigued by the potential of this platform.


As soon as I entered Clubhouse, for the first time I was struck by the novelty of the experience. It was amazing how you could connect with others through voice, and I felt part of a new frontier in social media. Also, although I was nervous about taking part in conversations, I decided to overcome my shyness and started interacting with other users.

I did not know how to navigate the platform and was afraid of saying something wrong or embarrassing myself in front of others. However, as I continued to use Clubhouse, I became more comfortable. Similarly, I was more confident in my ability to take part in the conversations that took place.


I was at once attracted to the photography rooms. Also, as a food photographer, I was eager to connect with others in my industry. I wanted to share my experiences and thoughts. So, I joined a group of Italian rooms focused on food photography.

There I was able to connect with other photographers and food stylists from Italy. We met to share our stories and discuss the challenges and opportunities we faced in our work. Finally, thanks to Clubhouse I found a community of people with whom to share my passion and my work.

In these rooms, I found a supportive and collaborative community of photographers. In addition, everyone was eager to help each other, grow and succeed. We shared tips and tricks to take better photos and discussed the latest trends in food photography. In addition, we exchanged ideas on how to better promote our work to potential customers.


As I got used to Clubhouse, I began to explore other rooms as well. Subsequently, I discovered that there were rooms dedicated to all kinds of photography, from landscape and street photography to portrait photography.

On the other hand, in these rooms, I was able to connect with other artists and photographers who shared my passion. We all captured the beauty and complexity of the world around us. We talked about technology, the latest cameras, and the role of photography in art and culture.

Through my participation in these rooms, I gained new insights and perspectives. Although I have almost abandoned Clubhouse now, I will always look for the bonds and friendships I made in those first rooms.


One of the things I found most exciting about Clubhouse was the opportunity to connect with people I had admired for a long time. These were individuals I had only read about in books or seen on television, and I had never had the opportunity to talk to them in real life.

Through Clubhouse, I was able to enter the rooms where these people talked, and even take part directly in conversations with them. It was an exciting experience! I was grateful to be able to share my thoughts and ideas with the people I had always admired. Initially, I found it difficult to talk to these people and struggled to keep up with a conversation.


As I continued to take part in these rooms, my confidence grew. I realized that these people were just like me, with their fears and insecurities. They too were interested in listening to me and learning from my experiences. I will never forget the feeling of excitement and gratitude I felt. I may never talk to some of these people again. However, I will always cherish the memories they shared with me during our conversations on Clubhouse.


At the time, I knew almost nothing about NFTs or how they were used. Still, I was intrigued by the idea of a new digital medium that could potentially change the way we think about art and property. Because of this, I started doing Google searches to learn more.

As I read everything I could find about this recent technology and the growing community of artists and collectors embracing it, I heard some people talking about this topic on Clubhouse. However, the NFT space was still in its infancy, with many people just beginning to understand the potential.


It was in this context that I met a group of pioneers called NFTS.TIPS2, founded on February 6, 2021, by Alexander Mazzei3 together with Eric Spivak4, Ely Beckman “Glassy”5 and a few other enthusiasts, who wanted to share their knowledge and passion with the world.

Incredibly kind and patient, Alexander went out of his way to make sure I felt comfortable within the group. Thanks to his dedication to educating people about NFTs, I was fortunate enough to learn a lot. His enthusiasm was contagious, and I found a lot of inspiration in the passion and dedication of the members of the group.


In the group, there were several other members, who further made a significant contribution to the development of the NFT space. These pioneers played a significant role in spreading awareness about NFTs and their potential uses. Although there were other major names in the Clubhouse space, not all of them were part of the NFTS.TIPS group.

Among the people who helped me, there was Olayinka Odeniran 6, who kindly recommended how to enter the rooms and what to do, as I was very shy and embarrassed to talk. She had been there before me and had given me all the necessary details.


I remember that, at first, I was extremely nervous because everything was new to me and somehow strange. However, I was greeted with open arms by the other members of the room. I had the opportunity to share my experiences and hear their stories. In particular, I remember dear Jimena Buena Vida7, who encouraged me to prepare my lesson in advance. She was not a native English speaker either and met the same difficulties. I quickly realized that the community was incredibly supportive and collaborative. Everyone was eager to help each other succeed.

Through my constant involvement in Clubhouse rooms and other online communities, I discovered a whole new world of opportunity. Thanks to this commitment, I was able to create my first NFTs. At the same time, I was able to explore new ways to show and sell my work to collectors all over the world.


However, while I was grateful for everything I learned, I realized a fact. I had lost touch with some of the wonderful people I had met in the beginning. I feel guilty for becoming less active in space and for not keeping these important relationships. Although I had a few opportunities to meet them again, I did not feel the same strength of the bond I had at the beginning.

Right now, I feel genuinely sad about this fact. I want to reconnect with everyone I met during my trip and then lost sight of because I was too overwhelmed. I realize now how precious those connections were and I do not want to lose them forever.


NFTS.TIPS was the first NFT community on Clubhouse. Its founders recognized the need for resources and education in this emerging field. Therefore, they began to build a complete platform that could meet this need.

To do this, they created a weekly newsletter that selected the latest news and advice on the subject. They organized interviews with NFT experts and creators. In addition, they also launched a blog with articles and guides on crypto topics and a directory of platforms. More tools and resources and a calendar of NFT events and launches. At the same time, they also created a Discord server where members could connect and share their ideas.

And not only that: they organized rooms in Clubhouse every day, real marathons that could last for hours. Despite the length of these discussions, the enthusiasm was so great that no one ever seemed tired. With the continued growth of the platform, NFTS.TIPS began looking for new artists, web architects, designers, writers, and other creatives to help build the future of NFTs.

The community was united by a passion for this new and exciting technology and was eager to collaborate and share their knowledge with others. As we talked and shared our experiences, we quickly realized that we were not alone in our passion.


In April 2021, one of NFT’s most famous collections, the Bored Ape Yacht Club, was launched. This collection at once caught the eye, quickly becoming the beating heart of the NFTS.TIPS community. The enthusiasm was palpable, with a frantic race to get the rarest apes but also to find resale opportunities. Many users were online night and day to avoid missing an opportunity. I still remember when Alexander Mazzei scolded me one day for not being present in a room the previous night. During that night, many exciting things happened about the collection and the first derivatives created. He said, “Where were you? You do not know what you have lost!”

But at the time I was still confused and did not understand how the collections and their rarity worked. So, I bought a derivative thinking it was worth as good as the originals. I bought it because I liked it very much and I paid the same price as the original ones. It was a beautiful derivative created by Glassy. I keep it in my collection with so much love.

By the end of April 2021, the floor (smallest price) of the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection had collapsed a lot. It had come under the first figure of 0.08 ETH. But even at that time, I did not buy it. I did not realize it. At one point I happened to hear someone who even gave these nfts for free on Clubhouse. Despite this, once again I did not get one. It was my destiny not to have them. Only later, I learned my lesson and bought historical NFTs like Bulls on The Block and Slacker Duck Pond. Although these have never reached immense figures like the Bored Ape Yacht Club.


There were other Clubhouse members in different groups who shared the same excitement and curiosity, and together we formed a tight-knit community of like-minded individuals, all committed to learning and growing in the NFT space. Among these, particularly important, is a group that was formed shortly after NFTS.TIPS: NFT Good Vibes.8.

While NFTS.TIPS represented the American community, NFT Good Vibes represented the British and European communities. NFT Good Vibes met through the Clubhouse rooms every day from 11 am. In these rooms, artists, collectors, and enthusiasts could connect, collaborate, and present their work. In particular, the group focused on promoting positive energy and creating a supportive environment for its members. I have met many people with whom I still have wonderful relationships in this community.


What was particularly remarkable was that we were all almost equal in terms of knowledge about this modern technology. We were explorers. Although some may have had more experience or knowledge than others, we all started from the same point: from the beginning of the NFT journey. This created a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose, as everyone worked together to navigate the uncharted waters of the NFT world.


As the weeks and months passed, the NFT Clubhouse community grew and evolved, with new members joining and old members becoming more experienced. Many remained role models in this community, supplying valuable advice, suggestions, and support to their fellow NFT enthusiasts.


Looking back on those early days, I am so proud to have been part of this pioneering group as an early member and grateful for the incredible support and mentorship I have received from other members of the community. I could never have known what I know today without their guidance and encouragement. I will always remain committed to educating and enabling others in the NFT community and using this exciting technology to contribute to the change and positive transformation of the world.


It is not possible to tell the whole story in a single article, but I can summarize the changes that have occurred. Initially, the community stood for a wonderful space, characterized by positivity, creativity, and a sense of shared purpose. Anyone who joined the community was welcomed with open arms, and discussions were always lively and engaging. However, not all members proved to be as noble as thought.

The community slowly but surely began to change. The positive atmosphere was replaced by tension and negativity, and many of the original members felt marginalized and treated unfairly. At some moment, things came to a critical point. A group of courageous members, dissatisfied with the way the community was run, decided to intervene to improve the situation.

Many of them had worked hard to build a space where people could meet and share their love for NFTs. But in the end, their work was not repaid, and everything was falling apart. Eventually, community leadership was replaced, but by then it was too late: many people never received payment for their activities within the community. The damage had been done and the beautiful purposes had been destroyed.

People learned a valuable lesson: they understood that no matter how noble their intentions were, there would always be people who would try to bring them down. However, they also knew they had the strength and resilience to start over. They were determined to build a new community even stronger and more positive than the earlier one.

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