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The Hamburgers Invasion: A Surreal Reflection on Consumerism

The Genesis of a Dystopian Vision

First and foremost, it is with immense pride that I announce some special news. My work, ‘The Invasion of Hamburgers,’ the result of my creativity, has found a new home. It has been sold through

This piece, “The Invasion of Hamburgers,” is perhaps one of my best works that combines AI with conceptual art. Indeed, it’s much more than pixels and electronic brushstrokes; it’s a statement – a visual manifesto that encapsulates my crusade. So, I address the issues of contemporary society through art. I focus on the epidemic of unhealthy eating and the risks of anorexia and obesity. Furthermore, this work is a beacon that illuminates these social challenges. Therefore, I hope to bring about change through the universal language of visual arts.

A Professional Gaze Turned Artistic

For over a decade and a half, my professional experience has been based on food photography.

This is the arena where I create my art. I capture the ephemeral beauty of culinary creations. I do this through the interplay of light and shadow, texture, and color. Indeed, my lens has always sought to distill gastronomic art into still-life portraits; for both the layman and the connoisseur. However, during the intricate journey of my career, a change occurred. In particular, the last three years have represented a paradigm shift. It has been a rebirth of my artistic expression. This is because I have explored the emerging field of NFTs.

Here, in this digital frontier, I have harnessed AI technology and infused it with my photographic expertise. This fusion has transformed my approach and allowed me to enrich my concept of traditional photography. Consequently, the result is a collection of revolutionary works. These re-imagine the way food appears. They do so with meaning and a contemporary touch.

Each piece is an exploration into the uncharted territory of expression. Here, reality meets the surreal boundary. This stimulates the senses and ignites the viewer’s imagination. This change, from a commercial photographer to a cutting-edge digital artist in the NFT space, is not just a change of the medium. It’s a revolution in thinking. A leap into a future where art is free and continues to redefine the boundaries of what is possible.

“The Hamburgers Invasion” – Unveiling the Artwork

“The Hamburgers Invasion” © Corina Daniela Obertas aka. TheFoodMaster

In the autumn of 2023, I created “The Invasion of Hamburgers,” illustrating a hypothetical world on the brink of a fast-food disaster. The work was exhibited in October. The location was the Art Bees Gallery in Craiova, Romania. It was part of the ‘INVASIONS’ exhibition. This event was part of the seventeenth edition of the White Night of Galleries (WNG). It was organized by the Union of Visual Artists of Romania. The goal was to highlight Art as a voice in a noisy world.

The work includes a gigantic luminous hamburger that fills the sky, with its core erupting violently like a volcanic explosion. This juxtaposition of fast food items and apocalyptic spectacle prompts a discussion on the impact of our consumerist society. The work is meticulous and possesses a cinematic quality that is both fascinating and menacing. The image is created with obsessive awareness; it’s more than a visual feast. It’s a narrative told in a dynamic tableau.

The play of light and shadow, and the textures that leap off the canvas are all parts of a cinematic masterpiece that invites the viewer to look closer and understand the encoded meaning in this network of pixels. This is a critique, a mirror to society, revealing the precarious boundary between values and choice. With this colorful digital tapestry, I have combined art and an alarm bell, asking observers to consider the path we take and the future we design with our daily choices.

The Conception Process of the “The Hamburgers Invasion” Opera

The development of “The Hamburgers Invasion” was just like jumping into my creative black hole.

This piece originated from a seed in my imagination regarding the omnipresent consumerism. These seeds blossomed in the soil of my deep artistic drive and evolved through countless cycles to embody the inner vision that was called to me. It wasn’t a creation but a discovery – distilling the multitude of thoughts and feelings about our society’s indulgence into a single effective image. The process was a hybrid of emotion and technology – AI was my artistic soul extending an electronic brush into my hands. Each draft generated by AI was a conversation with the medium – intuition versus algorithm.

The most sophisticated technology served as a vehicle for my message, and I developed the vision until it became a real work of art in front of me. It was a piece based on love and determination. It required patience, and each iteration of the draft brought me closer to my message. This deep conceptual exploration and emotional investment led to a work that demonstrates artistic perseverance and the potential of AI as a means of emotional expression. This process transformed “The Invasion of Hamburgers” into more than just a work of art. It became a part of me – a story woven from the very fibers of my being – and it told its story to the world.

Why This Battle Against Eating Disorders?

It is a personal choice to confront the shadow of eating disorders through my art.

In a world where food should be a joy and a necessity, it has become an object of self-harm and social illness. The drive to serve is professional – it is a response to the silent struggles that surround us every day. For me, eating is a ritual of meals, a communion of body and nature. Yet, somehow, through the lens and with my own eyes, I have seen this fundamental act distorted by the pressures and illusions of our culture. I have seen the light extinguish in the eyes of all those caught in the cycle of eating disorders, which inspired me to create art that will bring hope and awareness.

Every pixel and brushstroke is an act of empathy and a call to action. With “The Invasion of Hamburgers,” I wasn’t just trying to depict a dystopian vision; I was trying to make something real. I wanted to create a dystopian world. My goal was to stir the soul, to question what we choose on our plates, in grocery stores, in our minds. I hoped to initiate a conversation, to bring whispered words about body image, wellness, and self-esteem to the forefront.

This battle against eating disorders is my crusade for wellness, to restore food to life, not death. It’s an attempt to remind us that anyone struggling with these issues is not alone and that together, through understanding and awareness, food could be reclaimed as a lifeline, not a weapon of harm.

My Art’s Journey Around the Globe

My artwork has travelled throughout the globe as a tale of the perseverance of a female who stands up to the test and seeks recognition.

In the beginning, my approach to art and self-expression was quite humble.

Although I come from a modest artistic family background, I had no idea how to navigate the global art scene. I started my photographic journey disinterestedly because I believe that being self-taught can be beneficial, like a fresh start. This independence and curiosity came before I ever considered becoming a culinary photographer. Creating NFTs and visiting art galleries made me realize I was a novice again in a challenging but fascinating arena.

Seeking A Voice In The Art World

I have self-educated myself over the past three years to find ways to push myself out of my comfort zone. I had never exhibited in galleries and art shows with media other than photography before, but I approached art with the same enthusiasm I had for acquiring photographic skills. My journey has not been standard. Each exhibition has been a first step toward greater visibility – to tell my story and convey the messages behind my work. I try to have a dialogue about conscious eating and respect for our bodies with every piece I create.

Despite the distances and progress, I believe I’m not yet a household name, not an artist whose works are manifestly evident to the masses. But this lack of recognition doesn’t discourage me; it propels me to find my place in the art form. Just like my initial attempts to master my craft behind the camera, I approach this challenge as a self-taught apprentice eager to digest, adapt, and utilize the knowledge gained.

My art has travelled the world as a tale of a woman’s perseverance undergoing trial and seeking recognition. It takes time and determination to be recognized as an artist. Every exhibition and every viewer who appreciates my work is my triumph. It makes me believe that maybe one day I could gain some recognition.

A Call to Action

Use art to imagine our future together – every brushstroke, every digital element, and every dialogue offers us an opportunity as a collective entity.

From the bottom of my heart, I invite you to explore my art. These creations are not just artefacts of my artistic journey; they are a manifestation of my beliefs in using art for societal improvement. I invite you to join me in this advocacy and exploration, to see the world through my lens and collectively forge a better and more mindful future.

When you encounter hamburgers looming in the sky of my art, may this be a reminder – an invitation to reflect on how we live and the choices we make that shape our planet and ourselves. This is about connecting with things more than just seeing art. It’s starting a conversation, and being engaged in a narrative that challenges, inspires, and ultimately improves. I invite you to look at the stories my art tells and then consider the themes and questions they trigger. Let’s come together in the confluence of creativity and activism, where every piece of art could become a sustainable and new way of looking at life.

I don’t have the exclusive ownership to travel alone. I’m not responsible for this journey. Collectively, we can pursue knowledge and take action. Explore my collections and online exhibitions, where each piece will stimulate reflection, emotion, and a desire to contribute to our society. Use art to imagine our future together – every brushstroke, every digital element, and every dialogue offer us an opportunity as a collective entity. Each work of art and shared experience can rewrite the story of our time.